Payment Policy

Payment terms and conditions

  • Once the order has been placed, a confirmation email would be sent your registered email address with an order number and specifications of the products you’ve placed an order for.
  • The order would be either handed over personally or shipped to the address mentioned by the customer.
  • A partial deposit must be paid for the order either in the form of advance or gold of that amount. We expect a full payment upfront for special order/s (for example, where a specific size or metal type for goods has been requested by the customer, or the goods have been resized, designed or engraved at the customer’ request).
  • Lionessi diamonds will only process the order the item/s when at least 50% of the agreed purchase price or the payment policy above has been received/ met.
  • Title to and property in the goods will not pass to the Customer until the purchase price has been paid in full.